Munchie's Mix

Bake your own dog treats

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Specially selected and sourced natural ingredients

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Baked fresh in your own home with no preservatives needed

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No Corn
or Wheat

No fillers, which are harmful for your pet

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by you

Try our suggested recipes, or experiment and create your own

About Us

We are the proud owners of two shih tzus who love to eat but were picky when it came to dog treats. This led us on a journey, discovering healthier options for fresh dog treats which we now want to share with the World.

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Our Inspiration

These are our pups, Bentley and Munchie. We named the treats after Munchie as she is a very picky eater.

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Our Recipe

Our journey lead us to a mix of six healthy and natural ingredients, eliminating ingredients such as Wheat and Corn fillers which are commonly found in dog treats.

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Sharing with the World

We had so many requests from friends and family for bags of treat mix, that we decided to start sharing our treats with the World!

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